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ASAP Brass Products:

  • C230 Brass:     Pipe

    C230 brass is commonly referred to as “Red Brass,” due to its reddish color.  This unique color makes it a popular choice for outdoor architectural applications. C230 is one of the stronger brass alloys and is commonly used in cold-formed electrical and hardware components, jewelry, and decorative metal applications.

    Common applications for C230 Brass Include:  Trim, Kick Plates, Nameplates, Badges, Medallions, Plaques, Tokens, Coins, Zippers, Jewelry, Hoses, and Plumbing Fittings.

  • C260 Brass:   Plate, Sheet

    C260 brass sheet and plate have the highest ductility in the yellow brass series.  C260 brass can be used in more corrosive environments, and is easily machined but more commonly cold formed.

    Common applications for C260 Brass Include:  Decorative Lighting, Switches, Fixtures, Tanks, Ornamental Works, Musical Instruments, Nuts, Bolts, Valve Stems, Name Plates, Kitchen Backsplash

  • C330 Brass:  Tube

    C330 brass is a formable and machinable yellow brass which is produced in tube form.  C330 brass tubing is generally suitable for minimal corrosive conditions and is commonly processed by machining; forming, punching or piercing.

    Common applications for C330 Brass Include:  Plumbing Accessories, Pump Cylinder Liners, and Tubing.

  • C360 Brass:     Hex, Rectangle, Round, Square

    C360 brass is a lead free cutting brass and holds a machinability rating of 100. C360 is typically used in situations where superior machinability is required. Other than providing superior machinability C360 alloy holds similar attributes to C260 brass.

    Common applications for C360 Brass Include:  Automobiles, Plumbing, Frames, Decorative Hardware, Shafts, Brackets, Art, Hobby Projects

  • C464 Brass:     Plate, Round, Sheet

    C464 brass is excellent for hot forming and also works well in hot forging and pressing applications.   C464 is good for drawing, forming, bending, and heading.  It is easily soldered, welded, or brazed and has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater at high temperatures (while maintaining rigidity and strength.)

    Common application for C464 Brass Include:  Shipboard Equipment, Plumbing Fittings, Plates, Bearings, Welding Rod, Balls, Marine Propeller Shafts, Decorative Fittings

 What is brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc used in various proportions to create slightly different properties.   Brass is a known as a subsititonal alloy and it is commonly used as a decorative metal because of its bright gold-like appearance and resistance to tarnishing.  Brass is often used in low friction applications such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition, and valves.  Brass is also commonly used in plumbing applications; and extensively in musical instruments due to its good acoustic properties. Brass it softer than most other metals and often used in situations where sparks must be prevented.

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